Just starting and need help

This is my first post.Thanks to everyone who contributes so much to this forum.I’m just learning about the business and figured I’d get my feet wet by at least calling a couple of owners about their property to practice questions and building rapport with them.

I spoke with one owner about a property that seems like it might be a very good deal but want the experts opinions since I know very little other than some basics.

Here is what I know about the property.

The asking price is $250,000 down from $425,000.Owner says tax value is $375,000.He is in poor health and doesn’t want to deal with the property anymore.

It has 24 spaces including 24 mobile homes which are park owned(I know it’s a negative)Currently 19 are rented for an income of $9400 per month.The other five still need permits and need to be put on pads.The potential income with the five is $11- $12,000 month.

Owner claims expenses are about $2,000 a month.One possible red flag(let me know if this is normal) is that he gets the water tested every month for about $350.

I asked about maintenance issues and he says it could use some landscaping,painting and may have to buy a new septic tank soon.

I tried to see if I could get him to finance most of it.He seems to want a big chunk of it up front and may carry a small amount.

Please let me know the best way to convert the mobile homes into tenant owned and what good options I have on financing since I don’t have a big chunk to put down.Also critique this offering and tell me what else I should know going forward to find out if it’s a good deal.