Just missed the Bootcamp!

I am relatively new to Mobile Home University and Mobile Homes and I see that I have just missed what sounds like the event that would answer all of my questions and make my first deal much easier. Does anyone know if a CD set from this bootcamp is going to come out or will the CD’s from Mobile Home Millions have most of the same info so that I can avoid the pit falls of purchasing my first MHP? I am a little leary of jumping in now after reading many of the postings in the forum. Any info would be appreciated.

Hi Mojo,

I just returned home from the MH Bootcamp and it was a blast…as always. What a great group of attendees! Corey and I were up until at least 10 p.m. every night answering questions and analyzing deals. There’s no doubt in my mind that several of the students will have a park deal nailed down within 60 days.

We are in the process (a slow one) of producing a product that will allow those who can’t attend the bootcamp to learn everything we teach. It will have all of the audios from the classroom, workbook and videos from our sessions out in the field at 3 different parks. It will probably be completed and for sale on the website by mid to late October.

This “Bootcamp in a Box” will be extensive, but it will never replace the networking, relationship building, and experience that people get by attending the bootcamp live.

Welcome to the MH Investing niche and I hope it proves to be very profitable for you.


Hi Steve,

Please put me on the list for the Boot camp in a box.Can you please let me know when the next boot camps will be. The Mobile Home park analyzer has been quite helpful as we are getting closer to our first park purchase. Thanks for all the informative articles as well.Have a great week!!

Bruce J.

Hey Steve,

I can honestly tell you that the MHU boot camp is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

It’s also nice to know you guys are there for us alumni (aka platinum club members) when we’re ready to make the move.

I will have a park for sure within 90 days from the date we left MHU bootcamp as I am on the hunt daily.

Thanks again.


Thank you for the great feedback. Steve and I go all out during the bootcamp and hold nothing back. Every last once of energy that we have is dedicated to the bootcamp and making sure that we “prepare you for the world of mobile homes/mobile home parks”. Steve and I are all about the education but we certainly have a lot of laughs along the way!

I personally get ready for the bootcamp by doing a couple of triathalons to make sure my endurance is at an all time high! lol Even then I need to sneak off by the last day and take little 30 minute power naps to stay charged!

As you an tell, Steve looks like a weary fighter by the third day in the 11th round of a 9 round fight! lol :slight_smile:

Steve and I have so much fun at the bootcamps. We also learn so much for all of the students.

Stay focused and energized! You can definitely make it happen in 90 days. Let the world know that you are looking for a MHP and network like crazy during this period. Steve and I will keep our eyes/ears open for you and let you know of any MHP’s for sale. Now that you are a Platinum member because of coming to the MH Bootcamp you have many priveleges that will help you achieve your goals.

Keep Steve and I updated on your progress!



It was a pleasure getting to know the “reel sub” man with the big smile…LOL.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will find a great deal soon. Don’t lose the desire and persistence.

Take care my friend and let us know if we can help.