Just got word that Frank & Dave are trying to sell ~10k sites. $500M, listed with a major national brokerage

11k sites, 23 states

Why would they sell when they profess its the best investment in the world? [5000 lots or Parks?]

Because people have different investment objectives at different stages of life?

Because they are real estate investors. They buy and SELL real estate investments. Now is a great time to sell and it is a seller’s market on all fronts.

Why in the world wouldn’t they.

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Ok, please tell me where they will take their cash [after capital gains] and get a better return?

Possible Delaware Trust and or triple N’s We are seeing parks at 4.5 cap rates and some triple N’s are 6 cap or more. Why not??? Absolutely NO management hassles or perhaps a total freeze on all park rent increases with a president signing another EXECUTIVE ORDER . Thus far he is up to 45??? Park owners are outvoted and he just cut $300 million off to farmers and gave it to foreign counties with the GREEN DEALS and vaccines to illegal’s. We are not anymore in the driver’s seat as being small businesses without lots of controls we have NEVER seen before.


Pay off the bank and existing investors, probably?

The facts in this posting are erroneous.

That being said, any park we have is always for sale at the right price – and we would recommend anyone maintain that philosophy. So, in that sense, everything we have is theoretically always for sale at all times whether listed with a broker or not.


I think its called speculating since we’re not privy to the facts. Learning exit strategies is necessary if selling.

I’m unsure why this is posted on the forums? Seems almost like a “whistleblow” move, as if them doing that is somehow bad.

If anything this proves how good of an investment parks are, as any investment worth their salt needs to have a good exit. I’d be worried if they couldn’t sell any park at any price, as that would mean you’d be stuck with them and have no exit strategy.


If it is indeed listed with a broker it wouldnt seem to be a ‘whistleblown’ issue would it? Inquisitive minds like to know how the big investors re-invest etc. OP and the other party didnt disclose a whole lot of info.

They’ll buy GME. Obviously.


Frank indicated the properties are for sale for the right price. So I will offer them $500M and the question some would like to know where would they invest that amount of money since really nice properties are less than 7 caps. Sun Communities are less that 5 cap. We most recently closed on a DG with a 6 cap plus monthly checks. The triple N’s involve none of our time or management and have a increase inflation factors plus depreciation against income. We own parks but since 2015 the nice values are very difficult to find and in some cases went to buying highly productive farm land. What happens IF the the WH has an Executive Order and NO park rent increases for the entire term of 4 years. The renters far exceed in number of votes compared to park owners and like farmers with consolidation the numbers have decline a lot in the last 30 years. Is there rent control already in some states??? Sometimes what happens in Calf. becomes the normal in 10 years??? for the rest of the country??? Just thinking, since sometimes even so call SAFE investments could BECOME a gamble??? Noticed the most betting ever in history is on the Sunday Super Bowl Game.

What’s a DG? Wondering

Dollar General. De minimis upside, legit downside over the long term. I have looked at a few near some of my parks.

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“Just got word”

  • well, unless there are some measurable actual facts here, of any kind, then there is no substance to the claims.

All of their parks have been on a publicly available website for months so this isn’t really news. The Strive/TPG (ex F&D) sale will be news.

I am not 100% sold on any investment including Dollar General. We believe with information about Delaware Trusts, triple N’s, double NN’s, oil and gas properties, and other investments we want to be diversified and with over 35 years in MHP’s, highly productive farmland, commercial property etc. any type has the potential to be a REAL GAMBLE instead of an investment. Doing multiple 1031’s at times we should not have sold some parks or like Warren B., (Coke Cola) never sell. We continue to do put parks under contract and for the past 7 years probably 12 with only one we bought which was very under valued. Most properties presently listed here for lots of reasons are a gamble—just our experience and opinion. One very large concern is an Excitative Order for the next 4 years with lot rents frozen. I believe with all the negative news of park owner raising rent excessively especially at time of new ownership might be the trigger—people are FRUSTRATED AND DEPRESSED price increases with funny money is continuing like an earthquake. Has the price of gas went up in the last 40 days???

@carl What information do you have regarding an executive order freezing lot rents? Interested to hear where you’ve heard that may be coming our way. I can’t find anything on Google but you may be more tied in with the administration than me. I’ve seen you say it a few times now.


You mean a possible ‘Executive Order’ in the future? Anythings possible when the controlling party [uni-party actually] is incapable of understanding capitalism.