Just got back...(real long..sigh)

from Scott and Tony’s Bootcamp in Asheville (got in at 1 AM at work at 6AM) and I can tell y’all it was one of those wonderful events that you wish you could do again next week. I am exhausted and a lot of what I learned is still soaking in.

the Wise Woman asked me before I left," Why are you going to a seminar on stuff you already do every single day?" and i told her, " There is always something new to learn in this business." She rolled her eyes…

I was in the company of four folks that have all written books with step by step instruction on creating and MAINTAINING wealth. How much wealth? All you want. Steve Case, Lonnie, Tony and Scott all at one event. WOW! I own all the books all have written and they all have created more real dollar wealth for me in 5 years as working a job for 32 years prior to

DOW. Folks out there are gonna say, “What a smart guy!” Wrong…I believed and can follow step by step instruction. The books all work exactly as written every time (might need minor tweaking in high real estate areas). What kind of creative process is it to WRITE these books with no outline or blueprint?? Following instruction is simple. Bought books?

Great words of wisdom heard:

“I’ve never heard a person say they wished they worked their job longer”

" Establish a personal relationship with a local Bank"

“This is a people business”

" You can become wealthy helping others"

“None of this will work without a motivated seller”

" No real deal is ever too big to fund"

“The hardest part for me is stepping outside the circle” (comfort zone)

" If you own a corporation run it as a business"

Highlights of the meet for me?

Having breakfast with Lonnie and Joanne Scruggs… these are down to earth wonderful people period. it was worth the trip to see them.

Meeting John’s wife and two precious daughters

Seeing Steve Case being able to spend time with his son Eric (sp?)

Seeing my friend Ricky Lee include his wife, daughter, and son (and dog) into the trip. ( and look at 29 MHP’s on the way up.) WOW!! Motivated?

Finally meeting Scott and Tony!!


I could not meet Lin’s family and enjoy the BBQ after Camp.

not being able to see Tye’s MHP. This is a wonderful, classy lady and I know her Park is beautiful!

for the folks that have done a few deals and are ready for the next step in investing, start saving now. no price is too high to pay for financial freedom. Go to the next Bootcamp even if you have to take the bus…it’s that important. At my next meet I’m going to suggest this Bootcamp as one of the next logical step in investing…and I make very few suggestions like that ever (once before).

A humble Thank You to Scott and Tony for opening up a part of their operation and lives for our education…Well done.

Greg Meade

What a great week! I got to spend three great days playing golf with my son and then spend three more days mingling with people who have either changed or what to change their life financially.

Tony and Scott did an outstanding job and I really appreciate them letting me come and be a part of their bootcamp. They are a true class act and are real people making great things happen in the Asheville area.

These guys teach the basics like no one else…other than Lonnie. The only drawback I see in what they are teaching is that it only takes place once a year.

Scott, Tony that’s totally unaccepatable!..LOL

Let’s all hope that they will put on another Mobile Home and Land/Home bootcamp again before next August.

Great job guys, keep up the outstanding work.


Greg and Steve, it was truly great to meet you both in person and to be able to spend time with you two and all the great folks that attended. Many thanks to the alumni who returned and held the long networking sessions out in the hallways and patios. This truly is a crowd that knows how to give back.

Lonnie and Ernest set the bar a long time ago for all of us to grow by giving our help to others who are willing to help themselves. It makes me proud to see not only the speakers doing this but folks like Greg, Tye, Lin, Dr. B, and many, many, many more, doing so during the after hour networking sessions.

I can’t thank everyone enough, “thanks” just seems too small a word to cover it.