Issues with Utility Recovery Systems based In Indianapolis,IN


We worked with Utility Recovery Systems (URS) who apparently has installed over 10,000 radio transmitters. This company promised installing radio transmitters that will provide daily water meters that we could download from their dropbox.

We spent nearly $10,000 with this company only to see none of the radio transmitters were working and none of the water meter readings were correct. This company is not willing to give any refund back.

I have already logged a complaint against this company with the BBB. Has anyone dealt with them and received the same treatment?

Thank you.


Do you know the type of meters and RF equipment that was installed?

If the pulse out-put meters are utilizing Inovonics transmitters, the transmitters have to be calibrated with the data collector, to match the meter’s dial, which is not that big of an issue. Basically, the pulse output count from the meter has to be adjusted for the beginning meter read. A technician would need to be at the meter to adjust the data to match.

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Dan Helton
Southern Water Management