Issue with right of way gas line encroachment

i am looking at a property that has an outstanding issue with right of way gas line encroachment, it is defined as being at least 10 feet in width, centerline being the gasoline pipeline. the estimated cost to relocate the main line facilities and service lines together is $60,000

i guess my concern is,would this be a deal killer or is it something that can be rectified by the seller Before I would purchase, if so how would i address that to the seller?

Why would it need to be moved? As long as there are no homes or other structures within the easement I would think that you would be fine.

Thank you for writing back, there are 15 mobile trailers and 13 sheds over the gas pipeline, that I referenced.

if the mobile are over the gas pipelines is that a really expensive fix? or should i pass on this deal?

Somebody else will have to answer that one. Perhaps you can use the estimated cost to negotiate the price lower. But I am really not knowledgeable enough to provide an informed answer.

Find out if you are allowed to switch over to propane if needed, or just go total electric.

We have a natural gas line running at the edge of one of our parks. The gas company throws a fit if we even so much as dump leaves where it runs. Having 15 homes and 13 sheds on top of the one you are looking at is a pretty large problem. Another question, who told you it would be $60k to move the line? If it’s the seller, then you need to get your own estimate before taking his word for it.

If it were me, I would be steering the seller into a $0 down master lease w/ purchase. Your price should be the value of the park minus the cost to do this thing. Once it is done (assuming it goes well) your purchase option could be exercised and it can either convert to a seller finance or bank finance deal. Another option is to just tie it up and have him take care of the problem prior to closing. Option 2 is less complicated and far less risky.

You still need much more information here. What is the gas company’s position on the homes in question? Some utility companies will make you promise to move the home or homes in the event that the line needs to be fixed or replaced, but otherwise they are fine to stay. Other utility companies will demand that you get off their easement immediately, saying that they don’t allow anything to be within so many feet of it. You need to know the answer before you buy it. If the homes are allowed to stay, then you have to do an analysis of the likelihood of the line needing repair and the cost to move the homes in and out. If the lots are determined to be unusable, then the seller needs to drop his price by $60,000 to allow for the line modification. This is definitely a latent defect you could not possibly have known about when you put the park under contract, and a perfectly reasonable request.