Is this home Abandoned?

Need some advice. One of our residents moved in 4 months ago on a rent-to-own basis, and has had constant traffic in and out of their home. They have been accused by more than one other resident of dealing in drugs. Recently our manager was told that the “possible drugs dealers” left and moved out of state and planned on just leaving all of their furniture, etc. Can we just take back the home? They are on HUD and have a small monthly contribution to their rent which they most likely will not pay this month. We have tried to call them yet their phones are not in service. What to do?

That home is abandoned. Wait until they definitively don’t pay their rent this month, and then just give away their things and RTO the home to someone new.

I file a small claims case against folks just to get it on their record and warn future landlords about them. This is not the economically prudent thing to do (we collect under 10% of judgements) but I feel it is the morally correct thing to do to hold people accountable to their commitments and to warn other landlords.

Your mileage may vary,