Is this a deal?

Need your opinion on this park. It’s under contract for 200k. Park is on city water with oxidation pond. Each home is individual metered for water and electricity. There’s 4 acre in the back that can be developed but need new sewer system.

-20 nice size lot with 18 being rented at 140$ per month. Park does not own home.
-there’s more room to expand in the back but needs new oxidation pond.
-the park was built in the late 70s by the owner so it’s not up to standard codes but the owner currently has permit by DEQ for 20 lots.
-the sewage is drain to a lift station with no mechanical breakdown devices then pump straight into the pond. It still passes the EPA quarterly test. All sewage line is 4”. My concern is that if EPA gets more restrict in the future then the discharge from oxidation pond might not pass the test.

Yes definitely! Buy it! We need no more information. This is an obvious one.