Is There Any Way to Block the Medicine Peddler?

Some idiot is replying to my posts with ads selling medicine. I have noticed that someone is doing something similiar over on MrLandLord. Any way to block their IP address?

Hi, I see that its on a few posts. SPAM… COREY WILL TAKE CARE OF IT…IM SURE

I hope that it can be stopped, I have been getting 10 to 20 per day, for the last few days.

This actually is only part of the seeming diluge of junk that reaches my in box daily, (sigh).



The medicine peddler has been removed from the system along with his/her posts. We have also blocked many of the IP addresses that the peddler uses. If you receive any more similar emails, please forward them to me at and we will cut the source off immediately.




Thank you, that is definately more better!!!