Is Maryland MHP friendly?

I own a few mobile home communities in PA, and I am wondering whether I should begin to look in Maryland.

If you have experience in Maryland, is it an easy state to work in or should it be avoided?

Thanks to all you respond!

Look at how a state voted in the last election and that should tell you.

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Why would you buy in any blue state?

If a property is at the right price and makes me money, why would I avoid a location? There are plenty of people in blue states that need affordable housing.

I was wondering if Maryland is a complete nightmare state to avoid :wink:


In Massachusetts, for example, tenants can petition the local jurisdiction to lower their rent. And in order to raise rents they have to approve, which they will only consider if you have higher expenses.

At that point do you even own it, or are you signing up to take all the risks for the government to dictate how they want you to run it?

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Surely you jest.

MN for instance still has a moritorium on evictions.

Meanwhile employeers are BEGGING for workers all over the place.

Show me another industry that is forced to give away their product like landlords.

Taxes, well look what is happening to many companies moving to red states because of lower taxes. They take the jobs with.

AFTER those industries move someone still has to pay the expenses of bloated government, guess who that will be… The remaining people like park owners.

@TN mind sending me an example of where this has happened in MA? (I live here and have never seen it). In exchange for that “risk” you get a property in one of the wealthiest states with one of the best job markets.
I own in NH, which also has very well defined landlord tenant laws. I have fantastic residents, can sell new homes for cash with healthy margins, and have plenty of room to grow rents. I would never consider purchasing in a low income state again; I learned my lesson owning in central Maine.
I’ve had no issues collecting due to COVID (several residents have used the well-run state assistance programs).
Just wanted to add a counter point to the red state blue state argument.

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I have only this to add: beware of “confirmation bias.”

This is not entirely true.

Rent control in Massachusetts is at the municipality not the state level. Not all municipalities have it. In the municipalities that have rent control you generally have to submit annual rent increases for approval. I generally see approval of increases below 3% without much issue.

I can only think of one example where I have seen a rent decrease in the state and that was the result of an owner getting an increase in rents based on needing to pay for repairs, but never doing the repairs after the increase was approved.

I personally think owning communities in the Northeast can be highly profitable and know many operators who are actively buying in these states.


Grown man thinking. Thank you.