Is it safe to sign these when looking for a park to buy?

I’m seeing a lot of these agreements. Before having my lawyer look at it, I figured I’d run it by everyone here on this forum first.


Are those type of agreements obligating me to anything financially that I’m not seeing?

All standard with big brokerages and even little guys who may or may not have a listing.
the non circumvent part states you wont go around the person whos showing it to you and go
direct to the seller.
non disclosure and confidentiality states you wont blab to the whole world the numbers etc.
All ridiculousness in my book.
for Most large brokerages its just a way to put you into their data base to be able to send you out stuff and so they can tell potential listings that we have 5 trillion potential buyers that we will send your property to immediately. jibberish.
just sign it get the info and move on.

Thanks @Troutt! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking anything.