Is it possible for new investor to get 20% return in MHP?

I am new to MHP investment,planning to invest $400k as a down and rest financing,May be more in future.Mostley in East coast prefer south east area closed to major city.
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That’s very do-able. Just buying a 10%-cap property with 75% LTV (20 yr. am., 5% i) will yield you 16% cash-on-cash to start. If you can improve it, (and you know you can!) you can easily get over 20% cash-on-cash. Plus the property will improve if you care for it, and that can add another 50%+ your first year of ownership to your return, and 10%+ annually thereafter.

We have several properties generating over 30% cash-on-cash, and one that generates infinity cash-on-cash (we got 100% bank financing, so the denominator is $0. :smile:).

Your problem will be finding a 10%-cap property on the east coast near a major metro. I’d say be persistent, outreach directly to owners, and look more towards metros like Albany than NYC.

My 2 cents worth, and good luck,


thanks for giving me advise.i appreciate it.i am still learning from others and will learn for ever as long as…
I have limitation(shy) that I cannot contact directly to owners or donot have knowledge to find a sellers just looking on loopnet or MHP park for sale and at the same time not a good negotiator nor knowledge,skill but still looking for good return on investment
thanks again