Is it legal for a mobile home park Owner to force you move a mobile home so a larger mobile home can be put there in its place?

I live in a Mobile Home Park in PA that is being sold and the new owners, wants to have double wide mobile homes only in this mobile home and virtually of them are single wide. Is it legal for the owner for force you to move your mobile home so a double wide can be put there?

The new owner(s) will be giving the option to people who own a single wide mobile home to sell it and have a double wide put in its place, or move out of the trailer park if you refuse to buy and move into a a double wide.

The option for people who rent is basically the same , except for not owning the mobile home.

The new owners of this mobile home park has already started drama with most people in this park , especially since most owners and renters of this park are disabled and / or retired and can’t afford to move or buy a double wide mobile home. Also another thing is a few of these single wides in this park are already basically brand new mobile homes or at least only a few years old, or there are people who have just moved there single wide into this park.

It would be best for you to get legal advice in Pa. not an online forum. Good luck.

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