Is Bo Shurmanoff still doing repo business?

I know of a colleague who just bought into a park in Huntsville TX who needs guidance, and infilling. I directed her here, of course, but I want to know if Bo is still a conduit for repo homes? His website from the link on the Resources page seems like a generic search page, and his phone number listed lists mailbox as full.

Wha’s the dealio?

Good evening, Steve

a) Bo Shomansuroff is still very active in his business. I consider him my friend and my “secret weapon”. He deserves much credit for the success of our business.

b)I shall facilitate an introduction if your friend will contact me at :409-584-2392. Our project is not very far from Huntsville.

Be good to yourself,

I will forward this info - thanks Bernd; I regret that we have yet to meet. I appreciate your insights.