IRA Trust holding options on lots

First off, I hate I missed MHM but new babies and such have taken alot of my time lately. Can’t wait for MHM in Knoxville!

I am working a deal similar to Steve WA. I could possibly get an option on 30 empty doublewide lots. I would also be purchasing the adjacent property. I am considering letting my self directed IRA Trust hold the options on the 30 lots.

Plan would be to bring in Double wides and set up on these lots, then sell.

Would an unrelated party be able to lend the trust money to bring in Doublewides and set them on the optioned lots? The trust would then collect profit tax free. The trust only has enough money to option the lots at a very cheap price. The price paid for the adjacent property will be increased so that the lots can be bought cheap.

Are there any issues with this idea Steve?



You can do this but the loan will be subject to UBIT tax and the loan has to be a non-recourse loan.