Investors/ partner in ky

I have 5 small parks in central ky. I am looking for an active partner/ manager. Capital investment would bring a return, but not required. Parks are not for sale independently.

I have 5 small parks in Somerset ky. 29 trailers and a 4 unit apt building,
Small house and 3 trailers, 15 unit park, 15 unit park and 4 units, I can pick up another apt complex (25 units) and another 15 unit park and office building with low interest owner financing once I am comfortable I can run the ones I have efficiently.
A perfect partner would handle the day to day operation and help grow the parks. Reinvesting the returns in order to grow the parks profitability. I do not care if the parks are retained for long term growth or sold in time.
The parks are marginally profitable now and with a capital infusion could be extremely profitable. Currently 16 lots are empty.

Did you receive any contact on these. I’ve looked at a couple in your area