Investor needed

I have an oilfield workforce housing park in North Dakota in the Bakken oilfields. Montrail county. It and Williams county produce more oil than Alaska, the real heart of the shale drilling.Those that do not like oilfield prospects, I ask that you keep the sentiment to yourself. Many are bearish on US oil and that is not new information for me. I am only looking for those that think it might be interesting.I own the park. 83 RV spaces, rent is very high ($600 - 800 per month). I am looking to increase utilization of the property and transition from a long-term space only RV park to an institutional quality workforce housing facility. A company in Oregon, Greenflex, manufactures park models at reasonable prices for a 2 bed, 2 bath duplex unit (~$29,000) which are prolific in the area. There are other builders but because of the cold and tenant type that is the direction I want to go. I own two units and I am looking to add more. I want an investor that has an interest in buying or financing park models to bring onto the property and rent to workers and business in the area. Rent for a furnished unit ranges $1,100 - $1,500 per month. If that sounds unreasonable, I understand, but please check online (craigslist, apartment rental sites, etc.) to confirm these numbers. Please send me a Personal Message and I’ll get back to you.