Intro & 4 parks under contract - 3 up for assignment

Hey fellow MHP investors, I wanted to introduce myself before I start to frequently post. My name is Jimmy Johnson and I recently transitioned from multifamily into MHPs. I heard about this forum after attending the bootcamp in Austin this past weekend. I highly recommend going if you haven’t; it was great!

My #1 goal is to become the go to “off market deal guy” and I spend day and night calling owners, sending direct mail, analyzing deals, making offers, etc. I have a great partner and a passive business that allow me to spend the bulk of my time on MHPs and I hope to own 4 within a year.

Out of the 4 parks currently under contract I plan to buy and hold one long term, a 46 space in SC.

The other 3 I’m looking to assign; they have an average cap rate of 14.95% and cash on cash of 37% with estimated financing:

  • 17 space VA

  • 35 space OH

  • 74 space (two parks) AL

After the holiday I’ll make separate posts for those deals. Feel free to email me prior to then for more info

Looking forward to being a member of the group and adding value when possible!


I’d be interested in the ones in Alabama. You can send the info to

Jimmy did I see you at the Vegas bootcamp?

I’d be interested in the the park in VA (and if you find any in NC). I just sent you and email from

I’ll look at all:

Hi Charlie, I wasn’t at the Vegas bootcamp. Austin was my first one & I plan on attending the Orlando one too

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Hi Jimmy- I was at the Austin boot camp as well…good stuff! I’m definitely in the market and am interested in looking at all you have.

-happy hunting

I see that you’re looking to purchase 1 and assign 3. For the future, are you primarily going to be looking to assign? Any interest in JV opportunities?

Sure was! And thanks Jesse I’ll them send your way

Yes definitely interested in JV opportunities whether on deals you source or I source. Overall plan is to assign as many deals as possible with the goal of owning 4 parks by the end of 2019. On all of the assignment deals always open to JV

I am interested in looking at the two parks in AL

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Hey Jimmy. I am very interesting JV on your OH and AL deal. Please sent the info to me.
Thank you

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I am interested in all of these parks.

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I’d be interested in the Ohio park

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I’d be interested in the ones in AL. You can send the info to Thanks!

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Please send info on the AL parks to


Hello Chase, I am actively researching and visiting parks in NC.

Send info to

Awesome! Please keep me in mind if you come across any good deals in NC

@JimmyJ - Coming in hottttt with some value! As a newcomer, you have the right idea. Love it. I’m active in the Southeast. I source a good amount of deals off-market and open to JV opportunities.

Best email is Let’s connect and see how we can help each other out.