Internet advertising results

I wanted to tell everyone about the results I’m getting from my recent foray into Internet advertising so that others may take the plunge. First, I am something of a Luddite even though I am from Silicon Valley. Crawl around under a home to fix a broken water line and find out the home waste line has been leaking raw sewage for years - not a problem. Post an ad on CL tied to YT vids - oh, the incapacitating fear. Build a real website and begin Facebook advertising - take me to the dentist for a root canal. However, I’m doing it and the results, so far, are impressive.

There are 4 vids on YT and the hits increase every day. I’m also getting calls probably every other day that come from people viewing the homes. I know this because I ALWAYS ask how they found out about me. People can reply directly to the CL ad via e-mail or they can telephone. Not one single e-mail has come in.

Keep in mind that the actual CL ad is going further and further down in the postings everyday yet I’m still getting hits and calls.

Yesterday was an excellent example of what is happening. I got a call in the morning from a lady who said she and her husband were now empty nesters and wanted to downsize. They had been renting a large home for many years and had just gotten rid of the last kid. She viewed all 4 vids and wanted more info. We talked for awhile and I said to go ahead and check out the community and homes. I went up there that afternoon and. lo and behold, they are driving around and checking out the place. They looked to be in their early 50s, drove an older but well maintained SUV, both said they were working and a 2 bedroom would work just fine for them. They spent about 1.5 hours going through the community, viewing homes and talking to me. For me and what I want, it doesn’t get much better than this. No application yet but this is indicative of the demographic that has been calling and going through the community since I started the ad.

Now, obviously, there is no way I could have done this on my own, A buddy of mine, Steve Wong, held my hand and did the lion’s share of the work. He had planned to go into the mh business but went into Internet work instead and is doing very well at it. His specialty is finding ways to reach niche markets and direct traffic to sites seeking a particular demographic. Next on the list is a real, professional website, better vids and Facebook and Twitter advertising to a completely different demographic: snowbirds. Beta testing will be underway by Christmas.

I have to tell you that even if I don’t sell anything (highly unlikely), it’s exciting to be trying something completely new and outside my comfort zone and seeing such immediate and positive results. If I can do this then so can you.

Feel free to ask me anything but I’ll probably have to refer technical questions to Steve.


Wheat Hill