Interior Painting Cost


What are people paying to have the inside of a mobile home painted professionally these days (Labor Cost). Home is a 16x66 singlewide. Light color beige paint is currently on walls. Holes are repaired already.

Thank you

I priced kilz and paint for the interior of a double wide recently, just the primer and paint was around $500 (15gal). Then there’s the other materials and labor.

Thank you. I should have specified labor cost and I have made the correction to my original post

We charge around $2k for walls paint, all cost.

That includes basic batten and trim repair/replace, holes and previous home-made repairs (not larger than a baseball.

Includes removal of all blinds, closet or laundry shelves, removal and reinstall interior storm windows, every wall light and faceplate.

Also includes caulking every trim and batten, and normal-wear doors and windows jambs repairs.

If the home has the original vinyl covered sheetrock, we apply products to allow the surface to hold the paint.

If the home has a strong cigar or pet odor, we apply also oil based primer.


I pay $1k for a quick spray job. I buy the paint.


I think @AlejandroRiera 's price is fair, especially given the attention to detail and all the extras. Most painter’s I have worked with dont do all those things. At surface, it appears high for a 16x66 SW (smaller sq footage), but if reliable it may make sense.

I know prices today (both labor and mat) are all over the place. With people not wanting to work, it can be a challenge if you try to go to cheap. Increases the “no show” rate, and encourages them to dump you for higher paying jobs. Both scenerios = lost time and money for you.

I’ve found myself overpaying folks in the past 12 months. As a result, much of the time I’ve gotten better, more reliable workers. Now that I’ve been long-winded, my answer here for labor costs only on a 1000 sq ft home would be $1,250 to 1,600. Factors that would move the needle would be # of coats, having to move/cover furniture, or other factors that would eat up painter’s time.

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