Interesting Parallel

Let me first say Thank You.I stumbled across this Real Estate niche a few months ago. I have been doing due diligence and I am 99.9% convinced. I understand and appreciate the proven concept, (The reason why I say concept is because there is always the possibility that things would turn around and then the 80% of those in this Nation would live the lavish life and parks would experience a mass exodus. I am .1% convinced that the evacuation would happen.So, let me say that I am not afraid of the risk.(I am a believer)My wife & I have raised 8 sons and we have made moves across this Great Nation while others have wondered why we did this. Our last 2 sons have Disabilities that have never stopped us from perusing our Dream to leave a Legacy for all of our sons.I have worked Apartment Communities and I have built/renovated propertiesI have worked with a Large Corporation for the past 20 yrs. and I do have a 401k that will provide a mediocre income, but that will not satisfy what I want for my family.I believe that investing in Affordable Housing is the way to go.So, why did I title this “Interesting Parallel”? Frank/Dave…I drive a Silver 2000 Dodge Durango that I bought before I ever knew about this opportunity.Looking forward to a Boot Camp and more!