Interesting meeting with park owner

A guy who claims he owns at 3 parks and other properties responded to my letter campaign for park for sale. It turned after he asked how much money I had(I didn


I would arrange a meeting with him and see how you can work together to accomplish what you are both looking for. It may be a good idea to do some bird-dogging for him in the beginning if he is looking to buy more parks.

As far as a partnership, I would never suggest that anyone go into partnership with someone without first getting to know them and observing their ethics. Integrity and honesty are vital to any successful partnership and the only way you will find out if these are present in someone’s life is to observe over a period of time.

Also, a partnership must start as a win-win situation for all partners, not a “negotiating session”. If any partner feels like he/she “gave up” something in the beginning, it is destined to fail.

If you do go into partnership, make sure a qualified attorney writes up all documents and each partners roles and responsibilities are defined in the very beginning.


Good info. He called again but I didn’t returned call yet. He probably wanted the seller info of the other park. I think in general he tried to impress me of how big (1.7 mil in bank, owned driving range but didn’t tell me where when I asked) and successful businessman is…yet he didn’t want to give me his office location(he claimed to have several offices and business) …seemed like he tried to hide something…or not very open or honest.

One the bird dog point, I’d emailed a agreement to a guy who is looking for a park (leaving prospect park seller area blank but put my name on the form), and asked him to sign it and send it back, but he later decided not to do it ( for a minimum bd fee). He said he didn’t feel comfortable signing a blank form. In order to create trust, I may have to fill out everything and have him sign…or he is dishonest he can just use the info and not paying me. It is a chance I have to take I guess.

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That is excellent counsel, and should be followed to the letter.


If you are uncomfortable with the relationship, start looking elsewhere. you wouldn’t walk down a dark alley if you were uncomfortable in doing so would you? It’s not a fair comparison I know, but with all the advancements in health care where you’ll need money to get that replaced, it’s similar.