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We are looking to partner with an established mobile home park owner. We have capital to invest and are interested in being involved in the day to day operations of a 30-40 space park. What is the best way to source potential partners?

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Hi Lynn,

I just (June 2015) bought my first park (30 lots) in South Carolina.

I am looking for another park to purchase, but I have not found one yet.

Could you please tell us more about what you are looking for?



Hi Jacob,
We are looking to partner on a 30-40 space park with someone who has park ownership experience under their belt. We have capital and a lot of book knowledge on how to run a park, but no actual experience. Are you potentially interested in a partner for your next park acquisition? Lynn

Hi Lynn, let’s talk. Could you please email me at:
mhpinvestor1 at g m a i l d o t c o m?
then I will email you my phone number. thanks.

Hi Lynn, I’d like to know more about what you are looking for? What are your investing goals? Why a 30 - 40 space park? What is your idea of a perfect park to run? Would you like it to be local or anywhere in the country? Would you run park owned homes rehabs or park upgrades? Run management and finances?

I’d encourage you to get really specific about what your goals are before you take of the huge step of a partnership. You might also look at becoming a lender for a park owner and watch the process from that angle, or just use your capital and buy one and figure things out along the way like most of us have. I have parks in Indiana and sell / broker parks there. I’d be happy to walk you through the thought process for finding the type of park that you could be successful owning and running. I do that all the time with new or aspiring owners. Message me if you want to talk more.

Book knowledge does not cut it. I strongly suggest that you help manage a park or partner with an older owner that has the money but not the energy to establish a strong foundation. I am thinking of one our summer employee that was getting ready to go to college and become a school teacher. Four years later she taught where she graduated and lasted ONE year. She found out it was not her calling and she returned to college to become a very successful, happy dental assistance. After 35 years in the business we have always diversified into many areas besides MHP parks since their are others businesses that are enjoyable and profitable.

Hi Trent, I would love to talk more. What is the best way to message you?

Hi Carl, I agree 100% about “book knowledge” vs “real experience” this is why we want to partner with an established park owner. Someone who has experience running a park and a desire to acquire another park, but perhaps not the capital to buy one nor the bandwidth to run one.

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@Lynn1 I know Kevin partners with other investors. You can check his website


We have 8+ years experience in the mobile home park business, and have raised over $2.1mm to date this year to acquire MHPs. We are very open to partnering, and have already helped/coached one other individual through a partnership with us, and he now owns a second park all on his own.

Feel free to reach out to me through my website,


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