Insuring 82 Park Owned Homes

We are purchasing an 86 lot site and brining in 82 new homes directly from a manufacturer. I am having trouble finding a carrier that will insure 82 rentals in one location. Because the property is in Bay County, FL many carriers do not want the risk. Many have offered to insure up to x amount of homes or x amount in value but nowhere near what we will need for the full package. Any referrals of an agent or carrier that would be a good fit would be a great help. Thank you all in advance…

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I don’t believe any insurance company would be willing to take on the level of risk you are suggesting but I could be wrong. I would be looking to find 8-10 different companies to share the risk.


How far are you from the coast?
Can you take any measures to mitigate wind/weather risks? (such as heavy-duty tie down of homes to the ground. Another would be having them built with ultra-wind resistant roofs, of course to the standard insurance would desire - if you haven’t already built the homes)

Another poster mentioned sharing the risk amongst different companies - good strategy.

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Thanks Greg. A few agents I have spoken with are exploring this option as well. Might be the route we have to take.

Thank you Dave. The homes would be built to wind zone 3 standards. The site is approximately 4-5 miles from the coast.

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Have you talked to @KurtKelley?

Kurt’s the expert in insuring MH!

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Thank you Chris. I have not spoken to @KurtKelley but will reach out now.

Hi Cain. Sorry for the slow reply. Email me direct at for faster replies or call.

We have a program that will write rental MH’s with up to a $1.5m limit in Florida as long as the location is more than 5 miles from the Gulf. This one measures 7.7miles. I’ve sent an inquiry to the underwriter to confirm. Reach out to me a the above email and I’ll keep you posted on the results.

$1.5m won’t cover 88 homes, but it may cover 20 or so of them. I know of no other option in this area. Consider moving the homes in and not keeping more than 20 park owned homes at one time - moving more in as you sell stock to home buyers.

Thanks for the referral Chris!

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The rates are usually 2 to 2.2% of the total insured value in that area - but always changing too. Example - $1m coverage limit, then $20k to $22k plus taxes/fees.

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