Insurance on older MH for Lonnie Deal

I sold a '73 single wide to someone on a LD and asked them to get insurance on it but they are having problems due to the age and the fact that it hasnt been updated. On the other LD I have done so far on an '82 they got the insurance no problem and listed me as an additional insured. Is it unrealistic for me to expect this person to get insurance on an older MH like this? Thx



It should be absolutely required for the purchase. We include the cost of insurance in our monthly payment and just call our agent to get a retainer if we sell one on the weekend. We use Farmers but all the policies are through Foremost. They will insure anything any age. They put replacement insurance on a 1959 12x50 for a customer. They never cease to amaze us.


Of coures they had problems getting insurance. Most have little if any motivation to seek insurance. If they tell you they have problem, the expect the requirement to go away.

If you truly want them to have insurance, you have to control that part of the transaction. Most of us found a local agency or worked through agencies like Foremost, Farm Bureau etc. and facilitated the process.

Many years back I had setup with an insurance company where they faxed me all the paperwork, I had the buyer complete it “at the closing” and collect the premium which I forwarded to the company. Every so often they would send me a $50 check per “referral” to their company. I never pursued it much but I suspect one could make a decent side business just doing that.

It has been over 10 years since I did this and to be honest I don’t even recall the name of that company or if they still have such a policy. I would not be surprised if many hear have similar type arrangements with insurance companies to put an insurance policy in place at closing (even if their is no $50 fee). Please don’t fixate on the $50 fee. I did not even know about the referral fee when I began using this company. I just liked the fact that I could handle everything right there at the time of sale. The checks came some time later.


John and Tony,

Thank you for the great ideas. I like the idea of having the policy all ready to go and just getting the premium from them at close.

This buyer actually made contact somehow with a broker for Foremost before I could recommend them and they of course handled it. Awesome company. Thx!

Sean Leone