Insurance for 60 Lot Lease Purchase Park


I am a newbie to MHPs, I lease purchased a MHP in mid-state Louisiana.

I am okay with the general liability insurance for the park and the 6 park owned homes.

Question, is there such a thing as catastrophic insurance to protect on rents for 3-6 months in the event of fire or a tornado?


Tim Dorst

(843) 670-8466

Tim, the “loss of income” coverage is available. My policy (with EMC) provides this coverage on the lot fee portion only (not house rent). I think that Purvis agency (link on this site) is out of Texas- you should call them. I have found insurance coverage through agencies who understand and specialize in MHP business is less costly and has fewer gaps in coverage than general business type agencies.

Thanks Shawn! Things are working out and I don’t have to lose sleep when I see dark red on the weather radar heading toward my MHP area.

Tim D.