Insurance company audit for mobile home park?

We own a few communities and they are paid off and we have basic general liability insurance, not loss of income. We have used an insurance company for the past 5 years and recently received a call from audit company wanting to setup an appointment to get a lot of personal information from us including gross rents, last digits of SS#, etc. We dont give out any information to strangers, especially in todays times with all these scams gong on.
On the initial conversation, the audit company didnt know exactly what the insurance company wanted and urgently wanted to setup a time to meet at our location and expressly implied there is only a few days left, which raised my suspicions. I contact my broker and I am waiting for a response. I dont see why a carrier needs to know gross rents especially if it is only a liability policy.

Anyone else experience this?

Seems fishy. Did you try contacting the insurance company themselves?

I would just contact your insurance company to verify legitimacy, and take no action in the meantime.

Anytime another party I don’t know really well tries to rush me on something, my response is to instead slow things down. I can’t see any legitimate reason for an auditor to be in a rush to conduct an audit after nothing for 5 years.