Insulating a '73 Single Wide

Any creative ideas for cheaply re-insulating under a 1973 single wide that is getting some new plumbing lines. Original insulation is shot. Thanks for any feedback! This is an incredibly valuable forum, by the way. Much appreciated and valued. Thanks.

Under the home- you can use the same stuff that goes on basement walls- it is like a insulation blanket. You start at one end, and just attach it to the underside of the home as you work your way down.

Inside- blow insulation through holes at the top of each framing gap, the use some creative crown molding to cover the holes. To learn the process you might call in someone that does the work, or you tube the process. If there is a firebreak in the walls, you will need to put holes in the middle as well and use a large chair rub rail to cover the holes.

Just thoughts-

good luck