Installing utilities, thumb rule for cost, North East Texas

Hi, I’m evaluating a small park in North East Texas for a bid. The park is about 50% full. There are several lots that have electricity service, but need septic lines run. And there are several spaces available that do not have any utility services as of yet - but they are next to some that do.
Is there a basic cost estimate I can use to estimate what getting these lots Mobile Home ready would be?

Depending on what you have out there already it will be 5-10K per pad, not including any new septic system you may need to install.

Make sure your private utilities are permitted for the increased load.

Thanks jhutson,
Is there a best guess on utilities ‘separately’? The reason I ask is some of the spots have electrical, but need new lines run to the septic system, others don’t have any utilities on the spot, but the other trailers are in the next spot.
So, Electrical around $$$, Plumbing for septic tie-in around $$$.
Thanks again,

I have had meter loops put in for about $1,000 (includes setting a pole), and is on the cheaper side.

The septic tie-in will be totally dependent on the setup, permit requirements (if any), along with length / depth of trenches from pad to tank. You’ll need to call a septic company to figure out what specific activities are needed to do it. I doubt it’s as simple as running 50 feet of 4 inch PVC pipe into a tank…

Thanks very much for the information! That at least gives me some good guessing room.