Installing parking spaces

Hi All – We plan to put in parking spaces for residence to get the residents to stay off the grass (and septics). We plan on using railroad ties and gravel. Any drawbacks to this? Any better ideas to create parking spaces that make sense economically?


With rail road ties, just be aware of creosote. Do a google search but seems like it would be better to not use them …

Would be good to confirm with your insurance company if railroad ties is a restricted building material, similar to asbestos. I personally think there is less risk, but you never know.

I have seen people use other odd materials to do this cheaply, like leftover foundation piers, parking stops, etc. Basically junk you can find free on craigslist from time to time.

I would use the pre made concrete curbs. They are sold in 5 or 6 ft. lengths.

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Thanks all for the comments.