Installation Procedures - Need to know EVERYTHING!

I need to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about how to get a trailer installed onto a lot.
As a park owner, would it be good for me to take some kind of training? Or just free YouTube it?


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In many states, you will need an installer’s license to set a mobile home on a lot. You might investigate that.
There are courses on-line for taking the installers test, and that will give you the basics. Also, the manual for the mobile home will have some pretty good instructions on how to prepare the lot and set and level the home, including tie downs, pier requirements, footing requirements, etc.


School of experience is also a really good asset. Just pay a good mover to do your first one and watch everything he does, absorb everything, and ask lots questions. From the pick up to the drop off.

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The best thing to remember in my experience is “water flows and wind blows.” Both are the enemy of a home.