Install travel trailer on small lot?

Hello, I’m a new park owner in Florida. This 30 lot park has a vacant 32’ x 32’ lot which needs to be filled. The small lot sizes are “grandfathered” with the County with the stipulation that no home any larger than what was there pre-1984 can be put on the lots. (Though I have no record of what was there, it was probaly similar to the other 32’ lot next to it, which has a 1979 26’ travel trailer with a built on 8’ wide screen porch). With the required setbacks, I can’t find a mobile home (has to be HUD Wind Zone 3 compliant) that small. Someone recommended that I just get another travel trailer and put it on the lot, and that the 5’ setbacks, installation permit, etc. would not be required. Does anyone have experience with filling very small lots in older parks? Thanks for any help offered.