Inspector for due diligence

I am about to do my due diligence on a small park. As all tenants own their own home, so the inspection will be only the infrastructure like sewer line or electric. My question is:

  1. Is there special inspection company for mobile home park or the single family home inspectors can do mobile home park?
  2. Or I should get a plumber and electrician separately?
  3. Also should I get city inspector over as well to make sure I can get operation next year?

Thank you. The park is in California.

The Mobile Home Park Due Diligence Manual will be your best friend on this journey. It will tell you all the items to consider and qualified professionals to engage so that you’re comfortable with the price you’ve negotiated and have a handle on the capital costs after you take over.


I agree with @jhutson The due diligence manual is great and broken down by days. It keeps you accountable what you have to do today, tomorrow and in 20 days.

thank you so much!


thank you! I have the manual now.


Your insurance company will generally do an inspection for you too, but their inspection will be post purchase and focus on safety issues, not issues like aged or failing infrastructure.