Inspections needed - new purchase

I’m in the process of purchasing a mobile home park in Syracuse New York. Park has 25 pads of which 13 are TOH and 12 are POH. Also have private well water and private septic.

What inspections should I get prior to closing? This is my first deal!

Have you gone to boot camp?

and have you purchased the Home Study course?

Congratulations on your first deal! I hope it is a success. Of course, there are many due diligence items that are almost free that you will want to do before you hire inspectors. For example, you will want to do a financial analysis, market analysis and rent roll review. I will not go into those since you specifically asked about inspections.

Once you clear due diligence items that you can do with no cost other than your own time, you are ready to hire third party consultants to do inspections. This is where the process starts to become costly. You will want to bring a plumber to review the sewer infrastructure, an electrician to review the electrical infrastructure, an environmental consultant to do a Phase I environmental site assessment, an attorney to assist in verifying the permit and zoning status, and a survey. There may be others, but these are the basics.

Again, good luck on the deal!