Infilling a park?

We have 47 Skyline 1995, & 1996 - 14’x56’-2/1 metal/shingle & metal/metal for sale in Gainesville, Fl., most are good to very good, a few need some rehab. Quantity discounts, breakdown, & freight available.

Photos at link below.

Email if you are interested, & would like more info

Thank You,

Rick Lee

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I am interested in purchasing 20-30 of them tell me more about them.

Hi Bradley,

We have 44 left now, as the post says,

1995, & 1996

windzone 2


2/1 metal siding/metal roofs, a few have shingle roofs

Most are good to very good

a few need rehab, not that many.

most have a/c, but some do not.

$7500.00 each.

If you buy 20 to 30, the price will be $6500.00 each, no cherry picking, we will give you a good mix, but we have to move them all.

the each price will be as follows for singles, adjusted for multiples on unit price only.

Homes $7500.00

breakdown $1240.00 this includes breakdown axles, tires & tongue installed. Tonges installed, you keep running gear

Mileage $ 5.00 per mile , you can use your own transport.

The breakdown is a fixed cost.

We can arrange setup in Fla.

Where is your park, & when would you like to see them,

we have a park owner who may come buy all that is left in the next week or so, and have another park owner who is looking for 15 or 20 who will get with me this week. We also have people looking at smaller numbers, but I have 2 national ads running, & getting inquiries daily, they are leaving quickly.

First come first served. No Financing, please arrange that ahead.

These are some nice units & will work great to infill a park, we have sold 56 so far.

Call or email me for a time to meet & show them to you.

Rick Lee