Indiana Dealers License

To buy new homes direct, I need a dealers license but it appears Indiana just blankets it under an Auto Dealer License. Those requirements are substantial and doesn’t make sense. Are there any Indiana dealers out there that can give me some advise?
Or a dealer who will let me order new homes for a reasonable dealer fee?


Im in the same boat. My broker has his own parks and works with a dealer that will charge $500 or so to do this for me. Call Mark at 317-590-4522 Mobile 317-758-5032 Office to get some information on this.

I suppose this is for purchasing via the 21st Mortgage CASH program?

I decided against getting a dealer license in IN as well since the requirements are a pain. I only need a few homes anyway.

An alternative is to purchased used homes or go with Legacy Housing for new homes which does not require a dealers license. I also have a dealer I can purchase through at a minimal cost, but you will be required to pay state tax on the purchase.