In urgent need of an Eviction expert in Orlando area

I have had the horrible experience of having to pay over $6k dollars to evict a tenant or squatter off my land, each of the three times I have attempted (It would cost me less than a fraction of that to evict someone off a million dollar home). As it turns out, most attorneys in this area are not very familiar with the statutes for mobile home parks (how hard is it to read statutes though?) and so not only do I have to pay accepting attorneys to read the statutes, but they also know they can charge an arm and a leg because no one else will do them. I have a problem tenant who is now informing the others of the lack of action on my part. I am burned out both financially and mentally. I have tried to reach out to other parks with no cooperation from anyone. It’s like the few eviction specialist are being kept top secret. I  need help desperately and without the power to evict, I have no power! Also- if there are any Park managers in the area that have the full team of experts to work a mobile park in the Orlando area AND the evictions wont cost me the going rate of $6k, please contact me. Thanks for all those that can help.

  1. Call the Florida Manufactured Housing Association (  Ask for referrals to attorneys in your area2. Attend your local REIA meeting and network and ask for good attorney referrals.  See:  There are likely other such groups in your area3. Also, try calling local apartment building managers and ask which attorney they useNot to be critical, but you are doing something very wrong here.  The most I ever spent on an eviction when I was a ‘newbie’ and retained a white-shoe firm to do an eviction was $2k.  Never again.  Now I get it done for around $100 by sending my general contractor.  Even in states that require an attorney to represent landlords (which from my cursory internet search it does not appear Florida is), evictions should not cost more than $350 each.Let us know what you find from pursuing each of 1, 2, and 3 above.Good luck,-jl-

You made one statement in your post that I find confusing. "how hard is it to read statutes"
If it is your intent to stay in business you need to ask yourself that question. After your first eviction you should have studied the Florida statutes and prepared yourself for the next eviction. Now would be a good time to learn that very important part of your business responsibilities.