In search of pad requirements for a single wide in Missouri

I have lot with a 40’ runner in Missouri. What do I need to do in order to bring in a used 72 foot mobile home?

thank you

Your question is very specific but you provided no information about the exact jurisdiction except for the fact that it is in Missouri. My suggestion would be to determine who regulates the installation of homes in your community, contact that regulator, and ask that question of them. Usually it is a city or county building department.

At a minimum the following need to happen:
Lengthen the runner
Block, level, and set the home
Install gas, water, sewer, and electricity
Install skirting
Install front and rear steps

You may or may not need permits depending on the jurisdiction. I typed “manufactured home pad requirements Missouri” into Google and came up with a website that includes the statutes and regulations governing manufactured housing and modular units. I suggest you do the same search and review that website for the most direct answer.