In need of water submeter that syncs with Rent Manger

Hey guys, besides Metron water meters. Can anyone recommend a water submeter that will sync with my Rent Manger account? Currently looking at add submeters to my park. Thank you!

RE: Water Sub-meters

We can easily provide sub-metering services that will interrogate with your management software.
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Hi LinaresJoe,

My name is Bill, I’m with Metron Sustainable Services, we provide the most innovative MPH submetering meters in the industry including our proprietary interface reporting software called Waterscope that provides 5 minute data reads on water usage, water leak notifications, backflow data just to name a few. Which also connects to Rent Manager.

Our submeters send data to Waterscope via cloud portal every 24 hours, which means you never have to walk the park to read meters! If you have a few minutes to discuss, please feel free to contact me directly at 720-826-1174. In meantime, please take a look at our website

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