In Delaware, evicted tenant but she left her home on our land!

We recently evicted a tenant that was behind many months of rent. She owns the home in our MHP, but she has not moved it and she has the title. What is the best way for us to obtain the title to the abandoned home? Thanks for your time!



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Thank you @Deleted_User_ME

@TMHP – Snickfish can help you obtain the title to your abandoned home. Give us a call @ (800) 658-7577
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Hi guys, anybody from Delaware have any input? Thanks!

Look up the Delaware abandoned property statue or more specific MH tenancy statute and see what it says about abandoned property. The Delaware MHA might have this info ready and available or you could call them for a lead

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Our corporate headquarters is in Dover, Delaware but we own parks in the Midwest. We have attempted to buy a few parks in our home state, but have not had luck yet. Delaware has a few unique laws related to rent control, contacting the attorney general for approval prior to buying a park, and giving tenants first right of offer if you intend to sell a park. All of this makes it more cumbersome than in other states. However, I would be willing to provide any advice I can. Shoot me a message if you want to discuss this issue.

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Did the lawyer that helped with the eviction not help you get title? Who did you use?

I am a new member, can you dm me so we can chat

Yes we reached out to the DE Metropolitan Housing Authority, awaiting a response.

Hey Jerry I filed for the eviction myself, however I’ve never had a case for abandoned property before so I am not sure of the process.

I meant ask these people:

The [ State ] manufactured housing association trade association political action group. Etc


Thank you for clarifying, I will contact them.

In Delaware, each park owner has to pay a “relocation fee” to the State to develop a relocation fund (it is currently very large). That fund is then used to move tenant homes if they choose to. In some cases, you can use the funds to demolish abandoned home. There is also a particular attorney who works with many of the parks in this state. If you reach out to the Delaware Manufactured Home Authority, they can provide guidance. I would imagine you are already familiar with them as they are the agency who enforces the First Right of Offer for any tenant who want to buy a park before it can legally be sold. This agency is not to be confused with the similar sounding trade association in the state. The former is an official government agency which enforces laws pertaining to rent control and sale of parks.

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Hi thank you for the response again! We contacted DEMHRA and they said they only move mobile homes where the trailer park is being sold/transferring ownership. Thanks for your help.


Give us a call if you are having trouble obtaining the title to that home.
(800) 658-7577

Hope everything is well and going smooth regardless!