I'm not getting lot rent

We went through a sherriff sale, tenant next door won the auction, purchasing the mobile home for his daughter. Her credit and background check are good. Then she submits the app and includes her boyfriend and father of her children. We run a check on him and 7 misdemeanors show, 2 of which are theft.
We don’t want a thief in the park…
How do you deal with a mobile home owner that does not qualify to rent a lot?

Your tenant application should state that all tenants living in the home must complete the app and must pass a background check. Your lease/rules should state that anyone living in the home must be approved by the park and that guests are only allowed for a short period of time (mine says 7 days). If tenants violate the rules they are subject to eviction.


There are two simple steps. First, offer to buy the home for cash. Don’t give the payment until they have vacated. If that won’t work, you file eviction against them. If you go that route, it will take a few weeks or months to go through court then claim the home through the state’s abandoned home process.

What ended up happening here?