I'm happy filling homes with rentertext.com

I’;m a customer not a principal in http://rentertext.com

We bought a smaller park in Summerdale AL, a few miles N of Foley, a smaller market with 30 vacant lots and we’re filling with CASH program via 21st and clayton. See the CASE thread.

I signed up with rentertext.com AND got zillow.com rent manager to wave their commercial fee for me putting my own ad up in zillow for this park’s rent to own new homes. Rentertext feeds me high quality leads 3x vs my own free zillow ad. $45/mo flat. They will screen the leads per my income and DTI, so they do more than just use their secret sauce marketing for MH renters / buyers.

I have my own craigslist ad and zillow ad and today almost nothing via craigslist, all my own leads are via zillow and 3x via renter text. They designed this system to do screening of applicants so your park manager has to do less screening. Just show the home and take the application.