IL Lot Lease and Water Regulation

Anyone able to help on this: I have found some great references to the IL regulation for MH Lot lease laws linked on this site but looking to see if anyone already has a built up lease encompassing the IL specific regulation. I thought ILMHA might offer these as part of membership like some other states but it appears not to be the case. I know a real lease would have an investment of time and legal so glad to send along something to compensate you so I don’t have to rough one up from scratch and would like something more professional then the couple of templates I have come across.

Second question; Is there a governing body for regulating water charge backs in IL? The only things I have found our unofficial estimates on what you can charge as a reading fee. In TX i believe its 9% cap , is there something like this “official” in IL to offset cost of someone reading meters, postage , billings, statements etc? Or is there no provision for this amount?

Appreciate your time in reading this.

@Deleted_User_ME Jack I was curious on the sub-metering for TX some time back and found this page informative - it seems relatively up to date, but cannot speak to how “authoritative” it truly is. It claims IL does not have chargeback legislation specific to sub-metering. The information for TX jives with what you mentioned.

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@jhutson (3) service charge for manufactured home rental community or the owner or manager of apartment house: a manufactured home rental community or apartment house may charge a service charge in an amount not to exceed 9% of the tenant’s charge for submetered water and wastewater service, except when;

TCEQ , I believe is the governing body on this. You have to register with them and that link will tell you everything you wanted to know and more. I would think there has to be something like this in IL but I like that it is black and white on 9%. Thanks for sending over the link.