If you had $100,000 to Invest what would you Buy?

Metals (gold and silver)

Mobile Home Park

Land/home Deals

Keep in the Bank

Stock Market

Pay off Debt

Mobile Homes

Single Family Homes

Give It All Away

Keep it in the bank for reserves… depends on your personal situation (debts, loans, etc)

Use creative strategies to do deals. Sub2, lease/options, wholesale sub2’s. I am spending money ONLY on marketing.

I’d Give it away. And I got a great place to put it. It’s called the Mike Thomas benevolent fund. Just kidding of course. But I’d like to know the answer to that question myself. I would not suggest the stock market however. I lost over a thousand bucks there last month. Going to make some changes today. Might just stick it in the bank but with inflation running around 12% that option doesn’t sound too good either.

Set him up in a home on the lake next tome, give him an office at my Lot and make 75K our first month doing wholesale sub2s

And I mean every word of that!



The great thing about this stuff is it really doesn’t take much money. It’s funny, I started learning about this last year in the beginning of '09. I had 5 land/home deals and FHA financing fell apart to the point where it was foolish to keep trying to get these sold. So, I took on 5 new rentals. The worst part of all that was I had a property that I owned for a year(long term gains) in underwriting with Taylor Bean and Whitaker. It was set to close in about 3 weeks. I owed $35k in hard money and we were selling at $109k. Would have been my best profit on a l/h deal yet. Then TB&W went under and so did the deal. Spent a year frustrated, landlording, and learning about no money down deals.

I am loving this new strategy. I have a website coming up in the next few days for my buyers and sellers to go to. Hiring 2 or 3 people to call on leads all day. I am doing mobiles and block homes. We will see how it goes…


Ha! I hooked a brother up on your first deal and I know you’ll let me peek your op when you are set up…maybe spend a few days and compare parework.

You go Cole


352.216.2020 Cell ( off most of the time lol)


Paying 14% on hard money deals that I keep as rentals for over two years now. If you want to make a secure 9% for a number of years call me anytime 24/7. haha.


Sure I would invest in a note but it involves trusting someone to make sure all works out for the best. Can’t do it as I just don’t trust anyone. The same with buying a mobile home park with a managing partner; would love to buy another park but I would not want to be involved in the management and that would require trusting another human being so that’s out.

Burned many times financially by so called Christians (once by one of the leading Christian leader in the nation), Mormons, real estate investors, property managers, mobile home brokers, pastors, partners, etc.

Maybe if I had complete control of the bank accounts, etc in a mobile home park partnership I would do it; but then someone would have to trust me and I’m not sure I could recommend myself.

Happy returns