If you cannot buy, can you partner?

I know one park owner who does not want to sell but he does not know how to run park either. He is investor but does not know the business. He has 97 spaces mobile home park with 50% occupancy and only 50% of tenants pay. His lot rent is low $50 below the market. He has a property management company which “does” everything for him.

My question is:
Is it good idea to partner with him and run the park? Any other suggestions?

Andriy -

We’d partner on something like that. We’d buy in, take control, and invest time and capital to run it right.

Let us know if you pass on the deal. We are open to partnering and we pay referral fees.



No, not a good idea.

If he doesn’t care enough about his own money to run his units more profitably, what makes you think he will value your contributions?

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@jd585 I am not sure if he knows what he does.

@Jefferson I will meet with him and let you know.