If I only had more money


I agree with Greg… I would either offer the seller a lease with an option to buy or find a money partner that will either loan you the money at a fixed interest rate and/or take a piece of the deal. With your skill and expertise repairing homes you can do extremely well. There is a lot of money right now in the marketplace with both private and commercial lenders.

If it is a good deal you will find the money or a way to make the deal work. I promise! :slight_smile:



Let them mention their bottom dollar first! Try this…after looking at the home and pointing out all that needs repaired, shake your head a few times and make sure you have a concerned look on your face.

Tell them that you appreciate their time in showing you the home, but you need to think about all the repairs that need to be done. You want to make sure that you don’t go over “your budget” on the repairs. As you are leaving and out the door, ask them this before they close the door…“if I could bring you cash tomorrow, what’s the least you will take for the home?” and just wait.

You will be surprised in many cases what their response is.

Happy hunting and let us know how it turns out.