Ideas to Keep Tenant Utility Bills Down

Do you have an affordable ideas to help keep utilities bill down for tenants?

I have a park with a lot of POHs that I’ll be selling off. However, some tenants have $400 utility bills, which obviously hinders by ability to collect. If a tenant has to choose between lights and housing, it’s a hard trade-off.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have found newer window units plus window film helps a lot. Central air units in older homes run all day and use lots of amps.

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There are really no affordable ways to reduce utility costs. Pay back is extremely long term and generally not worth the upfront cost to invest. Sell the home and make sure in no uncertain terms that there is only one option when choosing lights or housing. It is mandatory that housing always be paid ahead of any and all other expenses.
Your best option is to insure when screening buyers that they can afford to own a home with the associated expenses otherwise you do not sell to them.

Paying to keep the electric on in a house you are to be evicted from… never understood it.

But, to the point, in Michigan residents can get assistance on utilities from local/State programs. They will winterize homes if you can prove financial hardship: utilities, furnace install, broken windows etc.

Replace insulation in underbelly, new siding & insulation. Same concept as for any house. Find air leaks and do something about them.

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