Ideas requested

I am looking for feedback regarding how much/ what type of information about financing should I include on my website; financing that I offer to buyers of MH

website Shawn…just spent 15 minutes perusing it. Very, very cool.

I have mostly sold L/H pacs on triple net Lease or Sales contract and the only way I have closed sales is to include…how much down how much per month. The 2 mobiles I have sold on contract were advertised as reasonable down, payments like rent with all the advantages of ownership, blah, blah, blah.

From your postings I know you are a straight up guy and i feel your ads should reflect this…it is one of your strengths and you should slant your info towards this…ie spell out typical deals…maybe use a recent Contract as an example:

“A recently completed sale was structured with XXX down and 74 payments of XXX. This included lot rent, sewer, water, garbage, etc.”

Lonnie deals and L/H’s are two different critters so realize my real area of expertise is slanted to L/H’s.

Truly a great website Shawn, I stole two paras from your rental contract form…