Ideas in finding a good rehabber in Wichita, KS

Hi,We are looking for a rehabber who can rehab our mobile homes.  Any ideas on finding a good one or how to go about advertising for one?Thanks much.

I’d ask the older or any physically disabled residents who aren’t out working on their homes themselves yet still have nicely maintained places. My reason for asking those people is to avoid asking someone in the park who thinks he’s a handyman and wants the work for himself. 

I tried this in the past and they were only handy with their homes. Go figure…

When I query craigslist for someone in this capacity I use some of my apartment terms. I am looking for a handyman with experience in rental ‘make ready’s’. Mobile home experience is a plus. You might also search for someone with ‘mobile home park maintenance’ experience. I have 3 crews in 3 states running.