I'd love your feedback, Postcards to MHP Owners

Dear MHP Community,

I will be sending out a postcard to owners of MHP’s in my area. If you have sent out a postcard in the past, I would love your feedback. It will be 5"X7" and will include two pictures (one of myself and one of a mobile home park).

Thanks again, Peter

Dear Mobile Home Park Owner,

My name is Peter Gillin. I would like to buy a mobile home park in Southern California as an investment for my family. I have 5 years experience with apartments. However, I like mobile home parks because they have fewer headaches than apartments.

I also like mobile home parks because they provide affordable housing, for which there is a big need in our state. They can also provide good cash flow to owners. I would like to provide the residents with a clean, safe place to raise their family.

I will pay you a good price if your park works for me. I plan on owning the park long-term.

If you are interested, please give me a call. I would love to make a deal that works for you and me. Also, if you know of a park that might be for sale, I am happy to pay a referral fee. You can also email me at: